About Us

The Frontiers Agricultural Cooperative registered with the Ministry of Trade and Investment, founded in 2020 is an agriculture specialist cooperative and a developer that provides financing, management, advisory and trading services to youth-led and general producers, farmers and investors in the agricultural industry, within Nigeria.

  • Consultancy: premium consultancy services during each step of the process – from the planning and implementation stage to the full production and marketing of the project.
  • Connecting to finance: Facilitates agribusinesses’ access to financial service providers and funding partners. Contributes to the development of holistic solutions to reduce business risk and combine different types of financial products specific to the agriculture sector.
  • Connecting to technical expert partners: through representations facilitates agribusinesses access to youths, leading international service providers and technical expertise partners.
  • Improving business environment: Engages governments to improve policies and investments in the enabling environment to accelerate responsible and inclusive private investments in agriculture.

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